Say Goodbye to Damaged Drywall

Say Goodbye to Damaged Drywall

We can complete a Sheetrock installation to replace drywall in Taunton, MA

Rearranging your furniture is an easy way to switch up the feel of a room. Unfortunately, it's also an easy way to damage your drywall with scuffs or dents. When you find yourself dealing with damaged drywall, you can turn to Souza Wallboard & Plaster in Taunton, MA.

Our team provides:

  • Drywall repair services, to fix dents or small chips
  • Drywall patching services, to cover up small holes or tears
  • Drywall replacement services, to get rid of drywall with major damage from flooding or another disaster

We can also install specialty products like moisture-resistant blueboard and durable Sheetrock. An installation from our team will erase every sign of drywall damage.

Contact us now to explore your options for fixing your wall.

Need to add drywall to a new building?

In addition to drywall repairs and patches for existing houses, we also install drywall in new construction homes. You can count on us to perform high-quality Sheetrock installations that last for years to come. Email us today to arrange for a free, in-person estimate on your drywall.